Only Blue Skies Ahead

Whilst airing my show on Thursday night I was messaged by a singer in a band. Nothing unusual there but bear with me.


Anyway to set the scene the show was in full swing when a ping in my ear that alerted me to the message in my inbox.   The message was from Marco Magnani (who I hear you ask) who is the lead singer of Mark and the Clouds.  He was messaging (as many do) enquiring on how to have his tracks played on the show.  I engaged in conversation then he said it.  I heard about your show from The Past Tense.  It appears that Marco and The Past Tense had shared a bill the previous week and on following up on Social Media he had noted the feature slot I had given them.  Now this was the third (funny that but I’m being totally honest) that a band had mentioned another band they had either heard on the show or found the show from. To you dear reader this may seem pretty trivial but 3 years ago I had a vision of a network of connected bands through the medium of the  show.  A virtual network of unsigned bands, venues, promoters and more importantly fans learning about new music and new bands and this week I see it is starting to come to fruition.  We truly ARE all in this together.

Woah I’m rambling. The main reason for this blog was to let you know what happened next.  After the show had finished I checked the files that Marco had sent me. Its was the tracks that make up the album ‘Blues Skies opening’.

Blue Skies Opening cover art

What a album!!!

The album consists of a psychedelic mish mash of powerpop, Indie, funk, country and folk all intertwined by a common thread spinning its way from track to track. Floating soundscapes that transport you to mystical places in your mind.   You call me brother could quite easily fit in The Stones late 60’s masterpiece  Let it bleed where Darkened River has a dusty quality that Cash or Morricone would be proud of.  London Fire is a maj7 away from being the next Bond theme.  But for me the track of the album is Goddess of Desire which is a wah wah fuelled, hammond organed  funk masterpiece which had me tapping, nodding and clapping for all I’m worth.

Its Blues Skies Ahead for these guys for sure

Here is the band giving it their all at a recent gig

The Album is available to buy now.  Go grab it before it sells out

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